A word that's heard most of all: Workout, you read about it in every newspaper and also at Globo Plaza a lot is about it. But what exactly does workout mean?


What does this term mean, where does it come from, and what does such a workout involve? The term workout describes a physical training with specific exercises. In that sense, any kind of fitness is also a workout. With regard to the individual goal, the choice of workouts also changes: Should muscles be built up, problem areas smoothed or conditional deficits reduced? According to this specification, intensity of the workout, compilation of the exercises as well as number and repetition, as well as the use of aids such as dumbbells, ropes or stretch bands and much more ... Particularly effective and holistic is any training with your own weight.

A workout always serves to increase fitness. The fitness studio in our hotel offers countless different possibilities to increase your well-being.

Whether in individual training or in a group, we will find the right one for you & your companion.